Heating a home is one of the biggest contributors to higher utility bills. Here are 5 ways to heat your home efficiently that will keep your home comfortable and reduce your bills.

Seal Up Drafty Doors and Windows to Heat Your Home Efficiently

An airtight structure will always be more efficient because it stays climate-controlled. Gaps around doors and cracks in windows let the warmth from the heating system leak outside. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to fix this problem.

Place adhesive weatherstrips along the edges of doors and windows where the air is coming inside. If your windows are older and have cracks in the panes, fill the cracks with caulk. Another option, if you have a big enough budget, is to replace the windows with energy-efficient double or triple-paned models.

More Insulation Keeps the Heat Inside

Insulation is rated by R-value, and the R-value you need for your house depends on the climate you live in. If your home has inadequate insulation, you won’t be able to heat your home efficiently.

If you have tried other tactics and you are still struggling to stay warm while keeping your heating bills down, you may want to have a professional check the insulation. It is possible that your insulation has become damaged by pests or moisture, deteriorated over time, or that your home was built with inadequate insulation in the first place.

Heat Your Home Efficiently with Help from the Sun

Sunlight shining through the windows will help to heat your home efficiently. Open your blinds on a sunny day, even when it is cold outside. South-facing windows usually get the most sunlight throughout the day. The sunlight streaming into your home raises the temperature of the room. At night, cover the windows with heavy drapes to help insulate them.

Keep the Heating System in Optimal Condition

Whether you have a heat pump or a gas furnace, heating systems will always run more efficiently when they are well-maintained. Every year before you start heating your home, schedule an HVAC technician to inspect and service the system.

Circulate the Warmth

One of the easiest ways to make the most out of your home’s heat is to keep it circulating through the home. Move furniture so it is not on top of or blocking heat vents or radiators. Switch your ceiling fans to run clockwise and run them on low to push the heat that collects near the ceiling back down into the room.

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