Buying new construction or building a custom home is a rewarding experience. Your family gets to enjoy being the first occupants in a brand new house. Everything inside is clean and new, and you assume that you won’t have to replace anything for many years. Unfortunately, there can be issues with new homes that arise after it has been lived in a few months. This is why most builders offer a 1-year warranty that covers construction-related problems. Get the most out of this warranty by ordering a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month.

Use a Builder’s Warranty Inspection to Make the Most of Your Warranty

While a builder’s warranty inspection costs a small fee, finding and repairing problems after the warranty expires is often a much greater expense. After the year is up, anything that needs to be fixed or replaced in the home becomes your responsibility, even if the issue is related to the initial build. A professional, third-party inspector may find things covered by your warranty that should be reported to your builder.

Issues May Come Up After Moving In

You had a code inspection and may have hired a third-party inspector for new construction phase inspections as the home was being built. This doesn’t mean you should forgo a warranty inspection just because you had these other services performed. A component may appear to be operational until it starts to see daily use. Problems that were not there earlier may arise over the first year of homeownership.

Protect Yourself When You Resell

Even though you might not be looking to resell the house in the near future, it’s quite possible that you will someday. Ordering a builder’s warranty inspection is your final protection against having to deal with construction issues on your own dime.

When the time comes that you choose to sell your home, your buyer will order an inspection. If issues are found related to the original construction, you’ll regret not ordering a builder’s warranty inspection in the first year.

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